What does Carpe Diem mean? – it means to Seize the Day! 

This is a sheer philosophy that resonates deep within us.

For one self to truly seize the day is to have the confidence to do so. That confidence is a form of light that shines through us and it enables us to grasp the best of what life has to offer, anywhere we go and in everything we set our mind to. 


As a female founded company, our dedication through our unconditional love of education and passion for beauty and art is to bring out the light that each and every goddess  possesses within them.  


At Carpe’Diem Beauty, we strive to provide a luxurious experience specifically tailored for every goddess.  To us, it is not just as service, it is an awakening of our most intimate senses of love, cherishment and friendship. 

Elevating  THE GODDESS  Within 




 Andjela is the older sister and the founder of Carpe Diem Beauty est.‘12.  As a child she had curiosity towards medicine but also a keen unparalleled passion for beauty. After completing her masters in Genetic Engineering Andjela decided her true fulfilment in life was bringing confidence and joy to others. She dedicated her lifelong acquired knowledge of academic studies to furthering her understanding in the permanent & paramedical cosmetics. 


  To date she has trained with beauty industry leaders all over the world from Russia to Europe, USA & Canada. 


  She is an accredited certified Mastery Artist of Eyelash Extensions specifically specializing in advanced Russian techniques – certified from the inventors themselves. 


  Andjela is a recognized Permanent Cosmetic Royal Artist under the prestigious world renowned Russian Academy-S by Sviatoslav Ochenash. She specializes in advanced modern - up to date techniques in Eyebrow, Eye and Lip tattooing, yielding most natural healed results. 


  Andjela’s reputation of skills and education is going to continue to grow as she shares her passion and knowledge with her students and clients.  She strives to pave the way in the beauty industry and continue to grow within it. 


  Sara Janosevic, is the younger sister and Carpe Diem Beauty's very own Medical Skin Therapist. Sara is an Honors, Top class graduate from the prestigious private Medical Aesthetics School "Chellsey Institute". Sara's detailed knowledge of the skin's biological and chemical composition is what sets her apart from all.


  Growing up, Sara struggled with severe acne,  leaving her feeling less confident and insecure in her own skin. Taking matters into her own hands, Sara was dedicated to finding the root of her concern which in-turn sparked her career as a Medical Skin Therapist with a goal to help other goddesses feel more confident in their own skin. 


  More than her role as a Medical Skin Therapist, Sara also leads our skin healing "Seizing Glow" therapy program. With 5 years experience in the beauty industry, Sara strives to give clients  treatments and regiments that provide optimal results with longevity.