About Us

Serving unapologetic amounts of confidence

so you can seize the day everyday.

Essentially, our story is about being bullied throughout both of our childhoods – a lot and how that can tarnish one’s self-esteem and confidence. Now as grown women we want to boost other women’s confidence from within by sharing our passion for what we do and making them feel absolutely the best we can, not just from their appearance but as a whole – inside & out. Our services are not just a beauty services they’re an empowering experience. We are the ELEVATED beauty service provides. Another very important thing for us is the relationships and connections we make with those clients, (I am not sure how to put this into words yet, but essentially I want to translate to them that we are very big on connecting and making ever-lasting relationships with them – if you have any good thoughts please let me know)


I as a scientist am also very cautious when it comes to products and their impact on our overall health, so I want to emphasize that we only use products of the highest of qualities from renowned companies, that are cruelty free,  as clean as possible ingredients and in most cases organic. (that can be inserted on the home page – to grasp their attentions better)

What services we provide:
European Gel ONLY nail sculpting – we have to emphasize that we do not use acrylic
for nails as it is very harmful and low quality.
She is also an artist which means she hand paints every unique custom design –
emphasize that she does custom work.

*I specialize in the newest Russian permanent cosmetics technique developed by the world renowned Acamedy-S by Sviatoslav Otchenash. Trained by the craft baster Inna Abdiyeva in Montreal.

I have earned my mastery certification in

Soft Shading Eyebrows – extremely natural- airy looking eyebrows

Star Dust Eyeliner – very natural looking shaded eyeliner

Aquarelle lips – a form of lip blush but with a more natural effect.


All these services are supposed to heal with very light natural results, only accentuating the features and not over powering them. This technique is meant for optimal healing results, which means less trauma on the skin. The less the skin is open the better the healing and the better the pigment will look and last on the skin. These treatment are also very minimally painful, we use the best of the best topical anesthetics to decrease the discomfort of the treatments.

*Saline tattoo removal –
Is the basic removal or lightening of unwanted tattoo’s and permanent makeup. This method of removal is much safer than laser and the area can be retattooed again
after the treatment heals. A specialized, all-natural saline solution is implanted over your existing permanent 
makeup or small tattoo. Implanting the solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment, and begins to lift the pigment out of the skin by osmosis. The pigment is slowly pulled to the surface of the skin and heals into a scab. When the scab falls off, that pigment falls off with it, leaving a lightened tattoo.
Depending on how deep, fresh, dark the pigment is you may require several sessions.

*I also specialize in designer eyelash extensions.
I have earned my mastery certification in 2019 from one of the most renowned brands in our industry:
Revolashion – Ilona Alidzaeva

Eyelash extensions I provide are custom and unique to each client and their eye/face symmetry. These eyelash extensions are meant to accentuate the eyes, giving a more open- youthful appearance. I only use shorter length lashes, which do not exceed longer than size 12, that is the last size in the volume lashes that should
be used for optimal natural lash health. When creating each set, I keep in mind the comfortable weight for each natural lash, the length and the amount of lash fibres
within a volume fan goes into consideration. There is no such thing as one size fits all. We are all unique and require different stylizing for optimal symmetry and
health of our natural lashes.

Other services that are more temporary:
Organic eyelash lifts and tints
Organic Eyebrow Lifts and tint
Designer Eyebrows (waxing,trimming&tinting)
Henna Brow Perfecting

All of our services that are a full services aka: permanent cosmetics, full lash sets, lash lifts, brow lifts, henna perfecting come with a complimentary 24 K Gold mask treatment. **(Advertise that as much as you can)**