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Eyelash Extensions have become one of the biggest staples of a woman’s daily beauty routine. They are a luxury art enhancement like no other. Eyelash extensions fall into the permanent cosmetics category since they are applied onto the natural eyelashes using a cosmetic medical grade adhesive that is meant to last the course of the natural eyelashes’ life cycle. 


Using only the highest grade of PBT fibers that mimic the appearance of mulberry silk eyelash extension are applied one by one onto the natural eyelashes. 


Eyelash extensions are completely customizable and are curated to enhance the natural beauty of the client’s eye, correcting the asymmetry, adding volume and length, as well that WOW lifting effect.  


At Carpe’Diem Beauty, Andjela – founder and accredited mastery artist has studied and trained with the world’s most renowned prestigious academies. From the Inventors of Russian Volume directly from Russia to her Mastery accreditation with Revolashion – a leading academy in the American Continent. 


  Andjela is recognized as a pioneer in her industry with a decade of expertise. She has completed thousands of successful applications and continues to thrive with her unconditional love for knowledge.  She is recognized for her elegant artwork that maintains optimal health of natural eyelashes for a prosperous longevity of wear! Dedicated to her craft she is most fulfilled when sharing valuable knowledge with her student’s and clients. 


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Over the years of developing her signature look, Andjela has created an extraordinary lash style using a specialty “L” curl. This curl has the ability to lift one's eye, creating that dense “foxy eyeliner” effect. Carpe Diem Beauty welcomes you, Aphrodite. The perfect amount of flirty and avantgarde for those goddesses looking to make a statement with a sultry wink. Aphrodite is the ancient goddess of sexual love and beauty… and oh boy, does this lash set live up to those representations. 

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