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Your skin is your identity, which is why Carpe Diem Beauty strives to make all goddesses comfortable and confident in their own skin to seize the day the best they can! Not like any other, our Intense Skin Therapy Services have what it takes to create your glowing aura that radiates when you walk into a room. 


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Carpe’Diem Beauty' signature glow facial reveals your inner dewy goddess. This treatment is meant for all skin type concerns, ranging from congestion, sensitivity, dullness, and aging. With our Glowing Goddess Facial, a customizable all inclusive pure cell cleanse, deep exfoliation, manual comedone extraction, high frequency bacterial elimination, our signature relaxing massage that promotes lymphatic drainage & circulation improvement, topped off with our gold nourishing hydro jelly mask, and rich moisture restoring serums will leave you feeling relaxed, confident and ready to conquer the day! 


145 + hst  

1 hr 20 min

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At Carpe’Diem Beauty, we believe that touch is the purest form of human connection. Indulge in our luxury aromatherapy facial with the highest quality of spiritual and essential cleansing. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to de-stress with the sensational experience of the five senses. Our Aroma Cleanse is meant to truly refuel and refresh your energy. You’ll enjoy this luxurious facial with a pure cleanse, mild exfoliation, rejuvenating toning, a long relaxing head, neck, face, chest, arm, and upper body massage, paired perfectly with an essential oil scalp massage that can be left in the hair as long as you’d like! At the end of our treatment, you’ll be topped off with our antioxidant gogi hydro jelly mask, along with rich moisturizer. As a special treat, we will cleanse you head to toe with an incense burner and allow 10 minutes of focused breathing that will allow you to fully become reset, and ready to start fresh!


165 + hst 

1 hr 15 min



Take a dip into our fountain of youth, a luxury treatment specifically designed for our beautiful goddesses over the age of forty. This rejuvenating facial will make you leave feeling refreshed and plumped to the max by specifically targeting mature skin with our luxury medical grade line, and a combination of oxygen & ultrasound treatments. To start off, this fountain will include, a deep nourishing pore cleanse, anti-age exfoliation with manual extractions, ultrasound therapy with our fine line plumping serum, next our specialty face tightening massage will lift any concerning areas, topped off with our youthful elixir hydro jelly mask under our oxygen mask with infrared light projected. Lastly, a rich firming moisturizer, and spf will be applied, leaving you feeling brand new! 


185 + hst  

1 hr 20 min


mini facial

This facial hydrates and plumps the skin for an overall instant glow. Our skin takes a beating and by the end of the week it can appear dull and muted. The Glow on the Go Facial puts the luster back into your complexion leaving your skin looking brightened and radiant  - the perfect solution for a quick reset before a night out! The Glow on the Go Facial is an essential part of the Carpe’Diem Beauty skin care regime. Sometimes we just need an instant boost so we can look and feel our best. - Make this treatment even more effective, add on our O2toDerm oxygen & LED therapy. 


30 min




(Microneedling Evolved GermanTechnology )

Microchanneling is a procedure that uses fine needles to puncture the skin, creating a controlled skin injury for the ultimate cellular rejuvenation.This treatment is so revolutionary it uses Stem Cell Therapy with minimal down time, and healing time of 5 days, comparing to traditional Microneedling with 2 weeks of healing. It is extremely helpful in diminishing the appearance of scarring, pore size and stretch marks as well as boosting the production of collagen and elastin to plump fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin texture, improve pigmentation and help achieve the ultimate hydration! This treatment will include a consultation, deep cleanse & preparation, infusion of Stem Cell serums & Microchanneling treatment, cool compression treatments to soothe the skin including freshly cut aloe vera. Lastly, a recovery cream will be applied, topped off with after care instructions. 


300+ hst

50 min




3: 840 + hst (Saving of $60) - $20 Per Treatment

6: 1,650 + hst (Saving of $150) - $25 Per Treatment 



If you’re looking for an intense deep cleansing, Hydrabrasion is the perfect treatment for you! This unique process helps improve the appearance of several skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, texture, and pore congestion. Suitable for all skin types, this rejuvenating treatment is gentle, non-invasive, and effective immediately. This treatment will include a consultation, cleanse & prep, extractions, infusion of our deluxe medical grade serums, specially curated decolté massage and a luxury mask, topped off with aftercare instructions. 


145 + hst

50 min




3: 375 + hst (Savings of $60) $20 Per Treatment

6: 720 + hst (Savings of $150) $25 Per Treatment

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The professionals at Carpe’ Diem Beauty offer advanced medical-grade skin care and facials that clinically improve the quality of your skin over time. Our chemical resurfacing treatments will exfoliate your skin, revealing softer and more radiant skin underneath. Through chemical exfoliation, resurfacing treatments mildly stimulate the production of new, healthy facial cells to improve the appearance of your skin. Resurfacing impacts the skin from the top layer to the very deepest layer of the skin. Achieving immediate and long lasting results with no down time. Perfect for that last minute glow before a very important event ;) 


Level 1- Lactic Resurfacer- 100 + hst (30 min)

Level 2- Vitamin C infusion Resurfacer- 120 + hst (30 min)

Level 3- Pumpkin Resurfacer- 145 + hst (30 min)




Carpe’Diem Beauty brings to you the latest revolutionary Korean skincare technology. After this facial you will walk away with exceptionally smooth, even-toned and lustrous, glass looking skin. The Glass Facial entails a deep cleansing, followed by a skin resurfacing peel. Then, a luxury medical grade whipped custom mask that you will enjoy under our O2toDerm hyperbaric LED therapy dome. O2toDerm therapy increases the potency of products allowing them to penetrate deep into the three layers of the skin. Oxygen gun infusion of skin revitalizing ampoules packed with vitamins A, C, and K as well as beta-carotene will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, allowing for faster healing as well alleviating inflammation and irritation. 

 During your O2toDerm dome therapy, embark into a sensation with our relaxing Goddess massage, leaving you fully rejuvenated and ready to Seize the day with Glass skin!



1 hr 30 min




O2toDerm is a Hyper-Beric & LED therapy chamber that produces 92% concentrated pure Oxygen with 3 million Anions. Pressurized Oxygen delivery into the skin regenerates broken cells, decomposes lactic acid, increases cell respiration, accelerates collagen production, softens wrinkles, and rebalances pH.  The Anions (Vitamins from Air) reduce reactive Oxygen, cleans the vascular system, revitalizes cells, improves blood circulation, increases healing response which cuts healing time in half. 


  Includes Cleanse & Serum

10 minutes $60

20 Minutes $110

30 Minutes $150


Make your Luxury treatment even more customizable by adding on any of the treatments below. Mix & match to get the ultimate SkinCare results with zero down time. There’s no limit to how many add-ons you choose! 


Esthemax Hydro Jelly Mask- $20

15 minutes

High Frequency- $20

10 minutes

UltraSound- $25

20 minutes

Extra Massage- $40

20 minutes

Scalp Massage with Hair Treatment- $50

  15 minutes

O2toDerm Oxygen LED Therapy Dome- 

(10 min- $60)

(20 min- $110)

(30 min- $150)


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Carpe’Diem Beauty brings you Intensive Medical Skin Therapy, our top class graduated Medical Skin Therapist, Sara Janosevic has what it takes to improve and address your skin concerns, with long lasting results. Sara’s knowledge consists of an in depth biological & chemical composure of our skin, to conscious understanding of clean beauty products providing you with treatments that work with longevity. 


To begin, our first appointment will include an in depth analysis and evaluation where all skin concerns will be addressed. Assessing the situation and curating a custom steady plan towards healing and balancing the skin. This includes your own informational module with a scheduled skin care routine and recommended ‘DERMAQUEST’ skincare products. Next, we will schedule you in for three months in advance for bi-weekly skin healing facials and skin maintenance. Once we feel comfortable with the skin's progression, we will schedule the next three months of medical skin treatments.  (Everyone’s timeline and the level of concern is different, therefore we recommend a minimum of 3 months to see progressive results)

Healing the skin takes time, and patience. Your skin cycle takes about 28 days for full skin cell turnover. That means results will be noticed at least 28 days into the treatment. With a  comprehensive range of our customized treatments and recommended Botanical Stem Cell Technology Product Line ‘DERMAQUEST’ working synergistically, we will achieve effective solutions to complex skin concerns, preparing and balancing the skin, which is important when achieving safe and visible long-term results. 

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