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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

With over a decade of experience in the lashing industry, we've seen everything. And when we say everything... we MEAN EVERYTHING. Here are some signs your eyelash extensions are applied improperly.

In the blog below we will be using an example of a beautiful goddess that came in today from a different studio with complaints of itchiness, redness, and discomfort. Immediately we could tell that the culprit was improper lash placement.

Andjela, our master lash artist could tell by the bald spots, lash damage, and clumpiness of her lash fans found in the photos below that this previous set was a catastrophe. This can easily happen by visiting an uneducated lash technician, or a tech that values quantity over quality of their work. Disclaimer: PROPERLY DONE LASHES WILL NOT RUIN YOUR NATURAL LASHES.

Signs your Extensions are applied Improperly:

  • You are unable to brush through your extensions: When lash extensions are applied properly to one natural eyelash at a time, you should be able to glide seamlessly through your extensions with a mascara wand

  • You are able to see glue on your lashes: The lash artist used too much glue. Using too much glue will cause premature hair loss due to your hair follicles being clogged and multiple hairs stuck together. Where the extensions are adhered to the natural eyelash it should be a seamless application with no sign of glue.

  • Your eyelash extensions poke and irritate your eyes: When your eyelash extensions grow out they should not be irritating AT ALL. If you feel any discomfort it means that more than one lash is attached together or stuck to your skin. Each lash is at a different growth stage during the lash cycle. When they are stuck together it will cause premature hair loss due to our lashes being in different stages of shedding (ex. mature lash stuck to baby lash). Lash extensions should NEVER be applied to the skin. The adhesive is not designed for contact with skin and will clog pores potentially leading to blepharitis/hair loss/infection/allergy etc.

Please do your research and read reviews before commiting to a lash artists. At Carpe Diem we have clients coming to us for 8+ years every two weeks for fills without a single eyelash damaged. We have seen horrifying sets that make us question eternity. Do. Your. Research.

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